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Extend Your Wifi Range With Ultraxtend Wifi – An Ultimate Gadget Specially Assembled With Modern And High-end Components To Provide You With An Ultimate And Long Range So You Can Browse The Internet Seamlessly And Without Any Interruption. Remove All The Wifi Dead Spots.

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UltraXtend Wifi Reviews

daniel star 1
Verified Purchase ✅
 “This range extender is a must have for any home. It connects super easily after plugging in, and improved the Wi-Fi range right away. Shipping was fast & easy. Ordered two to reach all the corners of our home.” 
sophia star 2
Verified Purchase ✅
 “Completely in love with this little device! Before this, my husband bought a range extender from a big brand for over $150, but it could just not reach the yard. I tried out UltraXTend and can now use the internet on my laptop and smartphone ANYWHERE in and around the house! For this price, definitely worth it. Thanks!”
isabella star 3
Verified Purchase ✅
 “We always watch NetFlix on the TV, but because the modem is upstairs, the image always froze and we needed to wait a few seconds. Now with UltraXTend in the room, we have no trouble streaming HD movies to our TV. It's super small and fits anywhere. Very happy with my purchase!”

What is UltraXtend Wifi?

UltraXtend Wifi with plug

The Ultraextend is an ultimate plug-and-play device that improves coverage of WIFI in your home, office, or any other area you install this. This ultimate WIFI booster ensures there are no dead zones left in the user’s area, keeping the data transmission stable and even improved.

The device is compatible with keeping your entire home active with an internet connection and sending data that is ready for 4k streaming. You can turn those dead zones into extremely active spots for the WIFI using this device.

Be it your home, office, café or restaurant, the WIFI has become a necessity, right? Therefore, it must be available in your device with full range. You may have seen videos while browsing the internet on improving your Wifi range, but now you have the most powerful innovation the UltraXtendWifi Booster. 

It doesn’t just boost the delivery of your Wifi router but also increases the data transmission rate. You face no hiccups or buffing unless the internet connection from your server is up-to-date and stable. The extender provides consumers improved range with high-speed internet for uninterrupted browsing.

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The Technology or Mechanism Behind UltraXtend Wifi Booster

The device functions by absorbing the signals from your Wifi router or the transmitter. Then it begins to amplify the signals to the entire user’s area they wanted to cover. This Wi-Fi booster will make your wish come true to extend your data transmission range effectively without any hiccups or buffering.

The network will reach every corner of each dead zone of your house, office, or the user’s area. Before anything, you must pair the wifi extender to the router. That’s so simple. Just plug the device near the power outlet of your router.

After that, press one button on the repeater the UltraXtend booster and another on your wifi router – they both will get paired and your network coverage increases. It ensures no dead zones are remaining in your home or the user’s area. You just need to successfully pair the booster with the router. The manual is provided in the box for more information.

Features of UltraXtend Wifi Booster


Dual-band Technology

It is a dual-band technology driven with modern boosters and components to drive signals to every corner of your home or the property removing all the dead zones. The dual-band ensures network coverage with uninterrupted data transmission for seamless browsing without frustration.

The device is compatible with your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz router and that’s the dual-band badass feature in UltraXtend Wifi booster. Due to this, it transmits more signals with improved data transmission seamlessly without interruption.

Plug and Play Setup

Installation of Wifis can be expensive, but not the installation of this network or signal booster. It’s an easy plug-and-play setup, which a common man can do facilely. The first you need is to find a power outlet near the router.

The second thing is to plug the device into the power outlet and press the button on both routers simultaneously. They will pair this and your network coverage will increase. As you see, the most simple setup of a network extender.

Dual 3D Internal Antenna

The 3D antennas are placed inside your smartphones, computers, and other Wi-Fi-compatible devices. These antennas are more dominant than the external ones. Therefore, it turns out to be the ultra-powerful network extender for your home or any large property.

The internal antennas are better for providing improved network coverage and serving multiple applications. 

Limited Time Special Pricing -Act Now!

Secure Your Reserved Bottles While Stocks Last

UltraXtend Wifi Price 1
30 days money back guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The UltraXtend Wifi will be available for you to test out for 30-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It device may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Benefits of UltraXtend Wifi

  • No Dead Zones Left: It’s not just you even many people and houses have dead zones where the networks are too poor and don’t even work even if the coverage is there. It all happens due to the wifi router placed far away from that location. It may also be the architectural designs or features of your home.

    There will be no dead zones in the property with UltraXtendWifi Booster. You can connect any device with an internet connection once you pair this gadget with your router successfully. The areas where there is no internet connectivity are called dead zones.
  • Uninterrupted Data Transmission: Yes, the signal and network coverage will improve. Will it harm the speed of the internet connection? No, the coverage will improve to peak, but there will be more improvement also in the speed as the device utilizes modern technology with high-end components in its manufacturing.

    The device even speeds up your internet or data transmission rate as this is a dual-band signal booster. You upload or download your files faster, preventing buffering while surfing the internet.
  • Reliable Performance for Outdoors: Now you have a solution if your internet sucks at your pool area or in the backyard, garage, or anywhere outside your home. The moment you employ the UltraXtend signal booster in your home, the internet will be active outdoors seamlessly.
  • Supports Wifi 6: The latest and faster wifi standard offers ultra-powerful and the most durable performance compared with previous wifi standards. This is the reason why there will be no lagging or hiccups in data transmission. Furthermore, you’ll get even improved speed or data transmission.

Instructions to Setup UltraXtend Wifi Booster

You can use the mobile app or the browser and the WPS button on the signal booster. The WPS method is much more convenient and better, although the mobile app gives you more options and other settings. Follow these steps to set up the signal booster using the WPS method.

✅ Now it’s time to press the same button on the signal booster and wait till the LED indicator begins to flash
✅ The LED indicator on the signal booster will turn solid green once the connection is successful
✅ Now press the WPS button on your router for a few seconds till the LED begins to flash
✅ Now you can move the signal booster to a better location or anywhere you want
✅ Plug the UltraXtend booster near the power outlet to your router

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Regular Price: $84

Only for: $37/device

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